Avon Recall

Recall Town of Avon Councilors

Todd Roehr, MD Explains the Legislative Basis for Recall Elections and Procedural Abuse by Town of Avon Officials Seeking Social Intimidation and Dominance

(Intense emotional stimulation and its relationship to memory enhancing neuropotentiation by surged intracerebral catecholamines in the abused)

Todd Roehr, MD Explains the Role of the Recall Committee under Colorado Law (CRS)

(Further discussion of the legal abuse engaged in by Town of Avon officials and the inappropriateness of a law suit used by the Town Council to intimidate their citizens, delay the process, and waste money. Town attorney Paul Wisor used the same process to inappropriately enrich his law firm, Garfield & Hecht, and the town council has used public money to fund this corrupt and inappropriate use of Town of Avon financial resources, in an attempt to keep themselves in power and further abuse their roll as elected officials. This combined action of the Town of Avon council and the Town of Avon attorney Paul Wisor is the very definition of a corrupt elected body and is the actual reason we for the need for recall of the council members.)


First aired on TV8 Good Morning Vail TV show. 8/23/2021

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Avon Town Council Exacts Retribution against Petition Signers & Obstructs Voting Rights

Jul 5, 2021| Avon Recall